Wednesday, August 9, 2017


We all know that if we don't maintain our vehicles with oil changes and tune-ups now and then, they will eventually stop working at efficient levels and need repairs that are very expensive.

So, why do we as adults, put off going to the doctor to maintain our bodies and stay as healthy as possible?

For me, I have always hated going to the doctor or dentist because I was afraid of what they would find and how I would pay for the appointments, tests and other expenses.

I could tell you of the summer of 2014 when I finally went to the dentist after years of not going. I had to have at least one tooth pulled and a few fillings that summer. I waited until I had insurance and a payment plan to cover it. In the mean time, I ate on one side and just dealt with the pain.

When I left my job with the State of TN in July of 2016, I left my insurance as well.

So I have gotten by, self-medicated and worked through issues best I could even visiting the community clinic for those without insurance in the mean time.

Anyway, I finally got two things accomplished today. I took my car in to get recall work done and I took myself to the doctor for some issues I was having with my ankle and my sleep apnea.

Now I have medicine, new diet suggestions to follow and another appointment in 2 months. I am not happy with what the doctor said, but I will buckle down and take care of myself even without salt in my life.

So today was tune-up day for my car and myself.

 I also have been working on my crochet projects and trying to figure out which colors to use together to make a blanket for the bed. This is a big project and I don't want to get bored with it and not finish it.

I need to hear from those that read the blog, so If you read this, send me a message whether you like what I talk about or not. If you want to hear about my businesses (I have 3 direct sales companies I work with ) or just coping with life in general.