Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Getting along with people

Not sure how many people realize this about me, but here goes anyway (will show who reads this blog and who doesn't LOL).

I do not like being the center of attention.
I am not a fan of public speaking.
I do not like being the center of attention
and I hate being sung to in a restaurant for my birthday (just ask my family- I will walk out!)

I have become a home-body of sorts in my mid-40s. Nothing wrong with this at all. Just learning it about myself and being comfy with the facts.

David and I are not married but we care for each other deeply, take care of the house together, solve problems together and face this old world as a united, committed couple.

Do we agree on everything? NOPE
He is more laid back and easy going, where I am usually key-up, upset and the one who will spazz first.

We both tend to worry about things, then we talk it out, mull it over, do what we can to fix/change it and then we each handle it in our own way.

I used to have close girl friends that I talked stuff over with on a daily basis. Sadly for me those days are gone.  I miss Tiffany so much it hurts some days when I just want to cry.

I have had a rough couple of days at work and it shows. All I wanted to do after work was curl up in a ball, cry, have a pity party and fall asleep on the couch. Well, David was playing words with friends on my phone and needed help finding a word, so I got up off the couch and helped him.

David has his own troubles going on and things he stresses about but he is a guy and keeps them inside his head most of the time. I love him so much and want to help, but these are issues I am unable to fix for him. These are things that just have to work themselves out in time.

The conclusion for my issues the past two days are as follows:
Grin and Bear It
Put on my PartyLite face and deal with it
Ignore the ones who are pretending to be the boss
Do my job the best I know how and try to improve
and lastly - Just be kind and loving everyday.

Give back to others and be a shining light my friends!
Keep the number for the shelter and the hotlines close by (put it in your phone) 1-800-799-7233.