Saturday, June 17, 2017

Rest, Relax and Recognize!!

For years I was made to feel guilty if I took a nap in the day time just because I was tired.
I was expected to go, go, go and only fall asleep at night. Well, That just doesn't work in the real world.

Turns out that those people who expected me to go all the time were selfish and wanted things done for them on their personal schedule with no regard or thought for my well-being or safety.

I realized this earlier this year when I was working nights. I was still taking care of grocery shopping and the stuff needing done around the house but I was so tired. I was working nights and feeling guilty for not taking care of others around me.

But my dear David just put up the black out curtains in the back bedroom and kept suggesting I rest when I needed to. He assured me I would find a way to cope through it and not to spend a moment worrying about him.

We fell into a routine and I would text him when I would lay down in the late afternoon and usually I slept right through him coming home from work and once I got up for work at night, he either already had dinner ready or had it packed for me to take with me. He has taken such great care of me and taught me that it is ok to spend a day resting and doing nothing.

David has two children that live in west Tennessee and usually only sees them a couple times a year. They rarely have time to call him back or work out a time for him to visit or take a trip together. He calls and texts them both and rarely gets a return message or even a "Hi Dad" without contacting them first. It breaks my heart to see him treated this way.

I know divorce is ugly and that everyone has their own perspective, but those teenagers should at the very least call their dad on Father's Day weekend to say hi and give him 5 minutes of their time.

You see, My first husband (father of Kourtney/Brian) walked out and never made contact for 20 years. His only contact was directly to me and a few emails to Kourtney until 2007. If he had tried to communicate, I would have allowed him to talk to the kids without any thought to it.

My 2nd husband was a stand in father figure and was there for my daughter in those teenage years that are so crazy. He walked her down the aisle when she married her husband. They have good memories, but he too has left us and didn't look back. For years, when Kourtney and Brian did anything for Father's Day it was for my 2nd husband because they had zero contact from their biological father.

My Father's Day wish tomorrow for my David is that he gets a phone call from both his children that acknowledges him as he deserves. He should not have to reach out first every time. No one should be ignored no matter what they have been told or taught by the other parent. He always calls and sends gifts on their birthday's, has helped getting Logan a car and is there when they need him. I feel it is time for a bit of appreciation from them this time.