Saturday, June 10, 2017

Busy Day Here

Well, Last night was it.
My last night doing the graveyard shift for DSDC.
I almost was there 6 months to the day, but it was time to move forward.

This morning at 7:03 when I left for home, I was excited but tired from being up all night. I had all these plans for things to do today on my first Saturday without a curfew in 6 months.

I didn't quite do what I had planned on doing. I got home and was very tired and coughing a lot. So I decided to relax and try to sleep. Being that I was coughing a lot, I chose to sleep on the couch to not disturb David because he had to be at work at 10am.

Once he left, I got up and took a real nap in the bed (sleeping on the couch always leaves me with a crick in my neck). About 12:30, I woke up and was determined to get up and get some things accomplished.

I went to have lunch at a Mexican place in town and there I sat to make out goals for my Origami Owl and PartyLite businesses and pay some bills while having some great food in a relaxing atmosphere.

Then I drove across town to pay a bill or two, stopped at a gas station to get another Smashville Glass (in case you haven't heard, Nashville aka Smashville is in the Stanley Cup Playoffs). I was so happy to see my friend Brittany who I met 4 years ago when she was a server at Ichiro. I surprised her with a PartyLite candle and we chatted for a while and promised we would work out a sushi lunch date soon. So good to connect with people who are always glad to see you!

Then I tackled grocery shopping. I even had a list and still forgot stuff.  While in the store, it was crazy busy for a Saturday, but I got the most important needed things (meat, veggies, canned goods, bread and lots of Gatorade too, lol).

By the time I got home I was exhausted and hated bringing in the groceries.. I even sat in the floor in front of the fridge to put them away.

I must have caught a 2nd or 3rd wind after that, because I did a few things around the house, painted my nails and ran hot soapy water for the dishes.

Yes, I am in transition. Yes, I have had a lot of changes the past 5 years in my life, but I am still standing and still smiling.

Life is good (for the most part). Please take a minute and text or call someone and tell them you care. It will do you BOTH a world of good.

Many are hurting tonight. Some have said goodbye to their loved one on life support, some are recovering from horrible injuries and feel like they are a burden. Pray for them all and lift them up in ways only you can. Listen!! Always listen.

Have a great Saturday Night everyone!
The hotline is 1-800-799-7233 and it just might save a life.