Saturday, May 13, 2017


People say things and may mean it one way and the person hearing it takes it another way. Then you have the potential for a huge disagreement if you don't communicate very well.

I am adjusting to the new folks at my new day job. Sometimes one person gets on my nerves and they are micromanaging me while training me.

I have had to put my spine in and speak up for myself a few times this past week. Sometimes I got my message across and not sure about the rest of the time.

But if the proof is in the work, then I am proving to them and the customers that I am catching on and getting what I need to get.

I had a few people on my facebook get super inquisitive about my new job when I mentioned it and I briefly answered their invasive questions, then I was like, Nope, Not going to leave that up there.

So I deleted some messages on my facebook wall this week too. Since 2011, I am much more guarded about what I say on social media because I just don't trust people anymore.

I have deleted my facebook games and most folks associated with those games. I have deleted folks that are super political in their posts because it breaks my heart to see their point of view in that way.

Your words carry weight. Don't ever forget that.

Take the time to explain yourself even if you can't find the words, work through it and explain yourself. If you lose that line of communication, then the relationships you have will suffer.