Sunday, May 7, 2017

Sunday again

Do you enjoy Sundays?

For some, it is just another day and they have never been in the habit of going to Church every Sunday.

For some, it is a work day (those in retail, hospitality, food service, health care, emergency services.. to name a few).

For some, it is their only guaranteed day off from the job they hold.

I grew up knowing that Sunday meant Sunday School, Worship, and Sunday evening services and doing my homework while we were on the road or between services.

Since January,  I have worked nights and get off work on Sunday morning at 7 am purely exhausted.
I usually head home (sometimes hitting the grocery on the way home) and go to bed for a while.

Today was not any different. I woke about 1:30 worried that others were waiting on me to go tackle the storage unit. Turns out that everyone else just needed a day to relax and weren't pushing me or expecting me to do anything major today. I was thankful.

We snacked while we alternated between watching the race and the playoff game between St. Louis Blues and Nashville Predators.

Today starts a new week and a transition for me. I am cutting back to only 2 nights a week  on my night job and still going strong with 5 days a week at the bank.

The night job has been unlike anything I had ever done before. But I learned a lot.

Change is not easy for anyone, but when it gets you to a better place, you just have to suck it up and get to work on it.