Saturday, May 13, 2017

Not your regular Mother's Day Weekend post...

We all have mothers.

We may know them

We may not even know their names

They may have passed from this life and we miss them horribly

Or they may live across the country or ocean and we cannot reach them

We may have had a falling out with them years ago and not know the words to fix it, so we leave it be and carry on.

We may be mothers ourselves and promised ourselves when we had children, that we would do better than was done to us.

As I sit here in the carport on Mother's Day Eve 2017, I have lots on my mind.

Mostly, I am looking back at how I treated my children and how I did my dead level best to be there for them and always listen. I never had much monetarily to give my children but until they left home, I did my best to help them any way I could.

I refuse to message, text or email my kids to remind them it is Mother's Day week. They both can read and they know what tomorrow is. It will not be the end of me if I don't hear from them on that special Sunday that hallmark puts so much pressure on. They have their own lives to lead and their own choices to make. I will not run their lives for them.

I love my children every day on the calendar, not just ones that society tells me to.

Celebrate this weekend in a healthy way. No regrets my friends. No regrets. Show Love, Unconditional love!! If you are only happy if you get a present, gift, or phone call tomorrow, check yourself, because that Is NOT unconditional love. That is an unhealthy expectation you are putting on your children.

Let it go folks! Do your own thing!

My David very well may go fishing tomorrow. If he does, that is fine by me.

Because I will get off work around 7:15 in the morning and then I plan to come home for a while, sleep and then go to my favorite Mexican restaurant to have fajitas.  I also plan to find a way to watch the Preds/Ducks game tomorrow night.

When you force someone to spend time with you, it is NEVER a good thing. Love yourself enough to take care of yourself