Sunday, April 9, 2017

The Hard Things

Some nights/days at work are so difficult that during the shift you don't think you can or will make it through and you are ready to give up, walk away and never look back.

Some days we wonder how others have their jobs, how they sleep at night with the way they treat people and how 'things' have gotten so bad.

I had a few days like this late last week. I cried, I fussed, I fumed and I was majorly frustrated. I really didn't know where to turn or what to do next because I was so sure that I was just not supposed to be where I am at this time. In my own mind, I was convinced I made a horrible mistake taking this job.

I gave it a few days, went back to work, had a good heart-to-heart with a co-worker/manager and found out that most of the stuff I was so upset about, was not worth worrying about.  Lesson Learned, Next Time I get that upset with work, I will take a deep breath and message my friend to get her perspective.

In all my frustration, I did break out the laptop to apply for more jobs and update past applications for local administrative and bookkeeping positions.

While my job is valuable and I realize I do provide a valuable service to the developmentally disabled, I am just not happy working the night shift. I must find something on the day shift that uses my skills in a more productive way.

Gone are the days where you take a job and stay at the company for 40 years. These days, people seem to be always looking for a better paying job, taking a few classes to better themselves.  Nothing wrong with improving yourself, but I am not a fan of change usually so changing jobs or leaving a long time position is very difficult for me.

One of the ladies that I sit with passed away a few days ago. I only worked with her a month or 6 weeks but I am just happy that she is no longer in pain here on Earth in her failing body.

More change is coming day by day, week by week and all I can do is pray my way through it and trust that God is in control. This fact of faith keeps me going and looking ahead when it would appear that all is lost.

Many of us are dealing with fear due to the current political climate. People are not buying as many cars or houses and are looking to save instead of stimulate the economy.

When you go to shop, please buy local first and not from a traditional store.

If you need cookware, call a Pampered Chef or Princess House Consultant
If you need candles/melts/warmers, call a PartyLite consultant (me!!)
If you need makeup, call a Younique Presenter, Mary Kay Consultant or Avon Representative
If you need storage containers, call a Tupperware consultant or Clever Container Representative
If you need a new wallet, tote bag, purse or organizing bins, call a Thirty One Consultant (me!!!)
If you need pampering products, call a Posh Consultant or a Jordan Essentials Consultant
If you want new nail wraps, call a Jamberry consultant
Do you need home decor? Check out Longaberger, Mary & Martha and PartyLite Gifts
If you want to try a health support drink, check out Plexus, Saba Ace or Thrive
And if you need a jewelry gift for that special someone, check out Origami Owl Designers (me!), Premier Designs or Paparazzi.

Yes, I love direct sales and choose to buy from these companies first rather than last. I do wait and watch for the sales, I ask about their party programs (because that is the best way to earn FREE Products) and have made many friends this way through direct sales.

Stay positive, play praise/worship song(s) and do something for another person. It always helps me to stay busy or help someone rather than stay at home and be depressed about what I don't have.

Stay Thankful and keep the phone number for the Hotline handy 1-800-799-7233!