Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Life Goes Forward (whether we like it or not)

This has been a trial of a week so far.

A friend's father passed away
A co-worker has to have surgery
My cousin's mom passed away suddenly last night
and today we found out 2 more acquaintances are going through divorce

All of these things are very tough to go through when happening to one person or even a couple. But when you list them all, it is very overwhelming to wrap your head around all the sadness and sorrow going around through our circles of friends/family.

So I sat and watched TV, ran the laundry, did some crocheting last night (lots of mindless or auto-pilot activities).

This morning I woke up with a feeling of sadness for my cousin and I prayed for her comfort during this time of sorrow.

I got myself going, made David his morning coffee and sent him on his way.

Today marks 2 years since David called and invited me over for a little grill out and I am so grateful for that day and our time together. Some have said I am way too mushy over things like this, but I don't think it is wrong to be thankful for a turning point in your life.

I don't agonize over it or make a huge deal over the day, I just thank God for the positive relationship I have been blessed with and go on about my day.

I recently realized that I totally messed up another attempt at the chevron stitch in the afghan I was starting. I just stopped counting stitches and the silly thing grew and grew and could almost make a circle now. So after talking to another crochet buddy, I tried to unravel it and salvage the yarn, but I ended up saving one section of green yarn and the rest was such a mess, I just tossed it in the garbage.

Life is a bit that way.

We try new things, we don't follow the pattern and then wonder why we get all messed up in the end.
Well, It is best to try to fix it and go on, but sometimes you have to completely cut it up and put it in the trash so you can move on.

Have a great Wednesday everyone! Remember the number for the Hotline? 1-800-799-7233