Thursday, March 9, 2017

Lessons in Crochet

Back in January,  I picked up a crochet hook and with the guidance of Denise and a few youtube tutorials,  I have made a few things ( even a blanket for my granddaughter Abby!).

Crochet takes patience, persistence,  a bit of planning and vision.

Don't we all need those characteristics in our daily lives?

So my lessons are the following

Anything worth learning and achieving takes patience.  Patience with yourself, patience with those you lead and patience with God's timing.

Persistence is tough at times. When you feel horrible but go to work anyway, you are persistent. When you keep applying for that dream job, you are persistent.  When you encourage someone going thru a very rough time or circumstance,  you are persistent and caring.

We plan our days, our errands, grocery trips, meals, jobs, dates, etc. But sometimes the biggest blessing of your year, is a chance meeting with someone that changes your life. This reminds us to make our plans in the mindset of God's will be done.

Vision...that one is tricky. I never envisioned myself in my current profession. My future may come as a surprise to me, but I firmly believe God is always in control. He controls ever profit check, every overtime hour, every sale and gives his children favor in dealings with others to further bless them.

Be careful making that vision board, you may get just what you are wishing for, but it might not be in the package you envisoned. God blesses us bigger than we can imagine!