Monday, February 13, 2017

Heart Week

Here I am on the successful side of training and med class. 

That class was no joke. It had me frightened to death that I would be terminated if I didn't pass the exams administered at the conclusion of the class.

I found out Friday afternoon that I passed both the written and skills tests. Then, I was given a training schedule and will soon settle in to working nights with clients here close to home. It feels good to be employed again. 

Last week was full of emotion and cramming for the exam all at the same time. Being without a job/income is very frightening and made me second guess everything. My health is my first concern and my first worry nearly every day. I am not my illness, but my illness sure does mess with my schedule at times. 

When you look at the calendar and see February, what do you think of? 

First thoughts for me are Valentine's Day, Girl Scout Cookies arriving and booth sales, My dad's Birthday and Abby Parish's birthday. 

February is also Heart Month and I know several women who have little ones with heart defects. I am holding a fundraiser for the Nashville Heart Walk and to raise CHD Awareness and money for research. If you would like to shop the fundraiser, the link is:

However you choose to celebrate or acknowledge Valentine's Day, I hope it is what YOU want to do and that the movie, meal, trip, etc give you true joy.  Do not worry about what others think. Love is to be celebrated and enjoyed. 

I have tackled a new project with my crochet. I started making a throw, but after working on it some, I believe I am going to gift this one to a little girl I know who loves the color pink. 

Have a wonderful week my friends! Please comment here on the blog and message me. I love to hear from those that read the blog. Share the blog link with your friends and on social media. I am on instagram, pinterest, facebook and twitter. Stop by and say hello there as well!

If you are in danger, or need help getting out, the number to call is 1-800-799-7233.