Thursday, February 23, 2017

Daddy's Birthday

Hello everyone!
Hope this message finds everyone well.

As the minutes ticked by on my shift at work tonight, I had my dad on my mind most of the time. Today is his birthday.
I am in awe of him and all he has accomplished in his lifetime.
He retired from State Government with 40 plus years of service in 2007.
He retired from preaching in May of 2015.
He had two cancer surgeries and 7 months of chemo and had his chemo port removed on January 31st.

He is a fighter.
He is a quiet man for the most part.
Once he gets behind that pulpit he is in his element and I am so proud of all he has accomplished in his life. I am proud to be one of his daughters.

From my earliest memories of my father, I recall him having 3 jobs. When mom would let me call him at work, the first thing I would ask is "Which job are you at?"  When I was very young, Dad worked full time for State Government as well as worked part time with JCPenney in the Shoe Department and he preached on the weekends.

I carried that knowledge of a hard working parent with me until adult hood. Since 1993, I have worked at least 2 jobs. I was determined to work hard and do the best I could for my children when I was a single parent because I didn't want them to suffer or be without just because their dad had left us. I took it very personal.

My dad always supported me, listened to me and helped me any way he could.

So If you see my dad today, stop and say hello and tell him Happy Birthday. I am sure he will smile and say thank you. Daddy never meets a stranger.