Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Training, Schedules, Dinners and temper tantrums

I am so excited to report that my dad had his chemo port removed. This is yet another step for my dad and my family to put dad's cancer behind us and move forward. I got to see dad (and most of the family) on Saturday at a birthday party. Daddy looked good and I am so thankful for that.

Most of my classes are done for my new job with developmental services here in town. I start training with a residential house and the person(s) I will be supporting tomorrow night. My schedule will be a bit crazy doing 2nd shift, 3rd shift and then 2nd shift again until I learn the consumer(s) and their homes. Next week is medication class for 4 days and after that I will settle into my new schedule.

I am anxious, nervous, excited and a bit fearful as I take this jump into the unknown. My meeting today with the program managers answered some questions that I had. I am going to give this my best shot and lots of prayers as I learn and go through the continued training ahead of me.  If you have space on your prayer list, I would appreciate being added to your list as I go forward in this new career path.

As most of you know, my dear David loves to cook. Usually at some point during the day we will have a conversation about dinner plans for the night. Tonight we settled on mushroom burgers and fries. This may be silly to some, but for me, I love planning meals together, cooking together and working through recipes with him. He has been so gracious and kind when I try new recipes out on him and he always eats some of it.. even if I know I messed it up, he will at least taste it.

Encouragement is good to have in every part of our lives. It should not be limited to our children's athletics, grades or our job. It should be everywhere.

A few weeks ago, a dear friend took the time to show me how to crochet. So far I have completed a potholder and just yesterday, I finished my first scarf. I have to admit it felt really good to finish something that was useful. Not sure what I will make next, but I know I want to go buy some more yarn and try other things. Right now, I spent a lot of time online looking at free crochet patterns.

There are many ways a person can act out. This is not limited to school age children or children in preschool. There are grown people who throw temper tantrums when they don't get their way. Yes, It is embarrassing. The best thing you can do is to let them throw their little fit, ignore their words, make sure they aren't physically hurting themselves or anyone around them and let them get it out of their system.  Most likely, they are doing it because they aren't getting their way and the best response is to ignore and go on, (refusing to give in to their ridiculous demands).

I encourage you to take care of yourself, ignore those trying to control you or put you down and just enjoy life. We only get one life here and the best thing we can do is to spend it being kind and helpful.

You can be a blessing!! Find a group or cause you believe in and volunteer today. You will be rewarded as much as those you are helping!

If you are in danger, seek help. Domestic Violence Hotline is 1-800-799-7233