Monday, January 9, 2017

Seeking Comfort

I hope you have had a great first 9 days of the new year.

We had a couple days of snow/icy conditions on our roads here locally. So I was cooped up for a few days because when the roads are icy I am just flat afraid to drive on them.

I am still looking for a job. I even called a few places to follow up on the internet application. I just don't know where to look next. I am praying and crying in frustration nearly every night.

Last week I asked on facebook if anyone would be willing to trade me crochet lessons for free PartyLite Candles. My sweet friend Denise jumped up first and we had a class in her home on Wednesday afternoon. I am proud to say I finished my first pot holder and got online on my snow days to get some more lessons and learn another stitch.

Today was my first day driving out in the world since the last snowfall and I had quite a list of things to do. I really had fun going through all the yarn at hobby lobby to choose some colors for my next project(s).

I ran into an old friend at the grocery store and it was so good to see them. Even though I don't go to church with him anymore, he invited me to come back and visit anytime.  I just love people like that.

I am at such a loss these days.
I find comfort these days in listening to praise/worship music as it soothes my mind. I worry because I am not working and I still very angry about getting fired in November.

I know things will work out and I have faith that God will work this all out for David and I. I just don't see how without me working.