Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Onto the next thing...

Do you find yourself always looking to the next weekend, next event, next concert, next birthday ?

Sometime in December, we sat down and made a list of things we wanted to accomplish and get in order so to speak.

I wanted to re-organize the kitchen and get rid of all the stuff we don't use or that is just taking up space because it was not working anymore.

We ordered all new cookware and even got a new set of knives. I cleaned out all the kitchen drawers, wiped them out, tossed out trash and non working gadgets or older knives we were replacing. I also bought shelf liner paper and those drawer organizing bins.

It felt so good to get that accomplished!

I also recently cleaned out the microwave and oven too. I told a friend I was doing all this organizing and cleaning, she jokingly asked me if I was pregnant.

I laughed (and told her that I was too old for that) and realized that subconsciously I was getting ready for the next phase and for the time I would go back to work and not be home most of the time.

Not quite sure what this next job will reveal for me but it is something totally out of my career path but I know I want to help people and I want a local job, so with David's encouragement and faith in me, I am taking this leap into the unknown and start training tomorrow for a new job here in town.

 I will tell more about it later, I promise.

I say all of this because I am a horrible procrastinator.  I have to put things on my to-do list to make sure I actually accomplish them. Once I actually complete a needed task, I am full of relief but I sure do take my time accomplishing said goal.

I put off doing things because I don't have the energy or flat out just don't want to do whatever it is.

I encourage you to take on that to-do list of yours, do what you can every day and don't wait for the next "whatever". Find a way to work toward your dream job, home or vacation today.