Thursday, January 12, 2017

Making the best of things

This life on planet earth is not always fun and games. There are very hard times that we go through.  All of us have challenges whether it is at home, work, friendships, family, etc. We all have stuff that drive us crazy.

Depression is very ugly and can be very debilitating. It takes a lot of conscious effort to battle depression and keep going forward. 

I am working through a journal and a new book this year. It is called the book of lists. It encourages the reader to make a list every week and gives us a topic /action steps to take. I even found a facebook group to keep me on task. I am not too keen on sharing my lists but some of the ladies in the group share everything. 

Do you make lists? Have a goal board? Or a Vision Board? We used to make them twice a year when we had an active team of consultants here in Middle Tennessee. I am making one today for another group of business women that I am a part of. I will cross post and encourage others there as well as here on the blog. 

A New Year means a new catalog for both of my direct sales businesses. 
I have deleted my fan pages on facebook because there was very little interaction. I now have groups for both businesses. This means if you are interested in PartyLite or Thirty-One Gifts, please contact me to be added to the groups. This way I do not clutter up my personal page with sales and specials.

My Thirty One Website is and 
My PartyLite website is

Anyone that orders and messages me that they were referred by the blog gets an extra gift from me personally. But you have to tell me in a message (facebook, text, or e-mail). 

If you are hurting from past abuse or currently being abused, please don't stay put, get out of the situation. There is always a way out. I wish I had listened to my daughter when she said for me to walk away back in 2011. 

Here are some helpful numbers to have:
Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255
Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-7233

Just don't ever give up!