Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Training, Schedules, Dinners and temper tantrums

I am so excited to report that my dad had his chemo port removed. This is yet another step for my dad and my family to put dad's cancer behind us and move forward. I got to see dad (and most of the family) on Saturday at a birthday party. Daddy looked good and I am so thankful for that.

Most of my classes are done for my new job with developmental services here in town. I start training with a residential house and the person(s) I will be supporting tomorrow night. My schedule will be a bit crazy doing 2nd shift, 3rd shift and then 2nd shift again until I learn the consumer(s) and their homes. Next week is medication class for 4 days and after that I will settle into my new schedule.

I am anxious, nervous, excited and a bit fearful as I take this jump into the unknown. My meeting today with the program managers answered some questions that I had. I am going to give this my best shot and lots of prayers as I learn and go through the continued training ahead of me.  If you have space on your prayer list, I would appreciate being added to your list as I go forward in this new career path.

As most of you know, my dear David loves to cook. Usually at some point during the day we will have a conversation about dinner plans for the night. Tonight we settled on mushroom burgers and fries. This may be silly to some, but for me, I love planning meals together, cooking together and working through recipes with him. He has been so gracious and kind when I try new recipes out on him and he always eats some of it.. even if I know I messed it up, he will at least taste it.

Encouragement is good to have in every part of our lives. It should not be limited to our children's athletics, grades or our job. It should be everywhere.

A few weeks ago, a dear friend took the time to show me how to crochet. So far I have completed a potholder and just yesterday, I finished my first scarf. I have to admit it felt really good to finish something that was useful. Not sure what I will make next, but I know I want to go buy some more yarn and try other things. Right now, I spent a lot of time online looking at free crochet patterns.

There are many ways a person can act out. This is not limited to school age children or children in preschool. There are grown people who throw temper tantrums when they don't get their way. Yes, It is embarrassing. The best thing you can do is to let them throw their little fit, ignore their words, make sure they aren't physically hurting themselves or anyone around them and let them get it out of their system.  Most likely, they are doing it because they aren't getting their way and the best response is to ignore and go on, (refusing to give in to their ridiculous demands).

I encourage you to take care of yourself, ignore those trying to control you or put you down and just enjoy life. We only get one life here and the best thing we can do is to spend it being kind and helpful.

You can be a blessing!! Find a group or cause you believe in and volunteer today. You will be rewarded as much as those you are helping!

If you are in danger, seek help. Domestic Violence Hotline is 1-800-799-7233

Monday, January 23, 2017

Adjustment, Acceptance and Coping

Hello there!

I don't really have anything inspiring to say other than I am still here. Still getting up every day and still working through my daily and sometimes hourly issues with life in general.

I wore black on Friday as my form of silent protest and refused to watch the inauguration. It bothers me all the way to my core that we have an abusive, disrespectful man currently in the white house.

If you don't like my political opinion, you are free to un-follow me. I am no political analyst but I know what I will allow in my home and what I will not stand for.

I will not allow abusers in my home, in my circle of friends or around me for very long at all. Abuse takes many forms.

 If you allow the verbal abuse, the locker room talk, the nasty jokes or the jokes about the developmentally disabled, you are not invited to my home.

 I will not entertain someone who puts down those from another country, those with disabilities, and those with different beliefs.

We are commanded in the Holy Bible to love others and show kindness to all. It doesn't say we are to judge them before we decide whether to be nice to them or not.

There are many reasons for why people voted the way they voted. I will not debate it with anyone. I will pray for our country's leaders and that decisions that are made are made with prayer and thoughtfulness for all the citizens of this country. I don't wish to see anyone left out.

If you are in a violent situation at home, please seek refuge or ask for help at 1-800-799-7233
Suicide is not the answer. I know because I attempted suicide in 2010. By the grace of God, I was not successful at pulling the trigger.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Onto the next thing...

Do you find yourself always looking to the next weekend, next event, next concert, next birthday ?

Sometime in December, we sat down and made a list of things we wanted to accomplish and get in order so to speak.

I wanted to re-organize the kitchen and get rid of all the stuff we don't use or that is just taking up space because it was not working anymore.

We ordered all new cookware and even got a new set of knives. I cleaned out all the kitchen drawers, wiped them out, tossed out trash and non working gadgets or older knives we were replacing. I also bought shelf liner paper and those drawer organizing bins.

It felt so good to get that accomplished!

I also recently cleaned out the microwave and oven too. I told a friend I was doing all this organizing and cleaning, she jokingly asked me if I was pregnant.

I laughed (and told her that I was too old for that) and realized that subconsciously I was getting ready for the next phase and for the time I would go back to work and not be home most of the time.

Not quite sure what this next job will reveal for me but it is something totally out of my career path but I know I want to help people and I want a local job, so with David's encouragement and faith in me, I am taking this leap into the unknown and start training tomorrow for a new job here in town.

 I will tell more about it later, I promise.

I say all of this because I am a horrible procrastinator.  I have to put things on my to-do list to make sure I actually accomplish them. Once I actually complete a needed task, I am full of relief but I sure do take my time accomplishing said goal.

I put off doing things because I don't have the energy or flat out just don't want to do whatever it is.

I encourage you to take on that to-do list of yours, do what you can every day and don't wait for the next "whatever". Find a way to work toward your dream job, home or vacation today.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Making the best of things

This life on planet earth is not always fun and games. There are very hard times that we go through.  All of us have challenges whether it is at home, work, friendships, family, etc. We all have stuff that drive us crazy.

Depression is very ugly and can be very debilitating. It takes a lot of conscious effort to battle depression and keep going forward. 

I am working through a journal and a new book this year. It is called the book of lists. It encourages the reader to make a list every week and gives us a topic /action steps to take. I even found a facebook group to keep me on task. I am not too keen on sharing my lists but some of the ladies in the group share everything. 

Do you make lists? Have a goal board? Or a Vision Board? We used to make them twice a year when we had an active team of consultants here in Middle Tennessee. I am making one today for another group of business women that I am a part of. I will cross post and encourage others there as well as here on the blog. 

A New Year means a new catalog for both of my direct sales businesses. 
I have deleted my fan pages on facebook because there was very little interaction. I now have groups for both businesses. This means if you are interested in PartyLite or Thirty-One Gifts, please contact me to be added to the groups. This way I do not clutter up my personal page with sales and specials.

My Thirty One Website is www.mythirtyone.com/1799612 and 
My PartyLite website is www.partylite.biz/nevergiveup

Anyone that orders and messages me that they were referred by the blog gets an extra gift from me personally. But you have to tell me in a message (facebook, text, or e-mail). 

If you are hurting from past abuse or currently being abused, please don't stay put, get out of the situation. There is always a way out. I wish I had listened to my daughter when she said for me to walk away back in 2011. 

Here are some helpful numbers to have:
Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255
Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-7233

Just don't ever give up! 

Monday, January 9, 2017

Seeking Comfort

I hope you have had a great first 9 days of the new year.

We had a couple days of snow/icy conditions on our roads here locally. So I was cooped up for a few days because when the roads are icy I am just flat afraid to drive on them.

I am still looking for a job. I even called a few places to follow up on the internet application. I just don't know where to look next. I am praying and crying in frustration nearly every night.

Last week I asked on facebook if anyone would be willing to trade me crochet lessons for free PartyLite Candles. My sweet friend Denise jumped up first and we had a class in her home on Wednesday afternoon. I am proud to say I finished my first pot holder and got online on my snow days to get some more lessons and learn another stitch.

Today was my first day driving out in the world since the last snowfall and I had quite a list of things to do. I really had fun going through all the yarn at hobby lobby to choose some colors for my next project(s).

I ran into an old friend at the grocery store and it was so good to see them. Even though I don't go to church with him anymore, he invited me to come back and visit anytime.  I just love people like that.

I am at such a loss these days.
I find comfort these days in listening to praise/worship music as it soothes my mind. I worry because I am not working and I still very angry about getting fired in November.

I know things will work out and I have faith that God will work this all out for David and I. I just don't see how without me working.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Food, Recipes, Memories

Somewhere around 2010, I got sick and tired of cooking. It was no longer a joy. It was a huge chore and something I came to despise for years. The kids were grown and gone and I was working 2nd shift and things were very abusive and manipulating at home.

In 2012 when I moved back to Tennessee, I tried to get back into the mood of cooking again just because I was craving a certain thing (Fried Green Tomatoes that summer). However, it was not easy to be comfortable cooking in someone else's kitchen and to avoid confrontation and keep the peace, I just quit cooking at the house all together.

Then, in the spring of 2015, I decided to try baking again. I started baking chocolate mint brownies and taking them to David's work as a treat for their 12 hour Saturdays at the dealership. By the fall of 2015, I was becoming more and more comfortable in our kitchen and trying recipes new and old during the week and over the weekends.

I have since learned how to make David's mom's Chicken Salad, Pimento Salad and picked his sister's brain for recipe tips as I needed them.

 I have resurrected the habit of my chicken/rice I started making when I was a young mom stationed in Panama Canal Zone. Ahh, I do love comfort food, even though it add weight to me that I sure don't need.

All of us girls were given the recipe for Mama Mac's Chocolate Chess Pie. I haven't made it in a while and nearly burnt it two weeks ago.. but tried again last week and happy to report that this time the pie came out great the first time and was a hit with my sweetie.

A few months ago, I started baking banana bread again (I think while I was working at Kroger's in Produce and saw the bananas were so cheap). Now, I usually bake 2 loaves at a time and it does me good to see David enjoying it and happy to share it with his co-workers.

We may gain a few pounds but both of us love food and love to cook. (David is better at it than I am.)

What do you cook and prepare that reminds you of family members or just brings you great joy? I look forward to hearing from you! Be sure and comment below!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year's Eve Memories

As I was cleaning the kitchen this morning my mind drifted back to my teenage years and all the New Year's Eve's celebrated back then.

I don't remember much about New Year's Eve when I was in elementary school. I am guessing my sisters and I begged to stay up, watched Dick Clark countdown on the television while my parents played Rook with friends and drank lots of coffee.

When we lived in Old Hickory and dad was preaching at Tulip Grove, they started having friends over on New Years and would have a singing and everyone brought desserts and/or finger foods to munch on. I think this started when Dad was preaching at Piney River but not exactly sure.

I remember when we were teenagers and the event was at Mrs. Millie's. The teenagers got to have their party in the basement while the adults were upstairs. Lots of great memories with Tony, Melanie and the rest of the group.

Once we moved to Dickson County in 1993, mom and dad continued the singing New Year's Eve. They quit holding it a few years ago because the attendance kept dropping.

As an adult, I have been downtown Nashville once on New Years.  I went to see Tim McGraw in concert the year the Arena first opened with a friend. Other than Hockey games on New Years Day, I rarely will even venture near the craziness of the crowds in cities anymore. I just don't do huge crowds very well these days.

However you brought in the new year, enjoy every day you have. We are not guaranteed another day. Love those you have with you and those far from home. Reach out and let them know you are thinking of them.

I have a roast and veggies in the crock pot, have cleaned the kitchen, working on my 2nd or 3rd cup of coffee and starting a new journaling book today.

Take care and share the hotline number if you know someone who needs it. 1-800-799-7233