Friday, November 25, 2016

Finding the Energy

Some will spend this Black Friday shopping and getting great deals for their home, families or other things they may need.

Others will spend the day working serving namelessly to the greedy, rude shoppers in all the malls today that don't even take the time to say thank you to the cashier or worker that gets a product for them from the 'back'.

I have nothing against shopping in general, I simply cannot stand the greed, the fighting and all the negative things that go along with heavy shopping seasons. I have done my time in retail with Sears, Home Depot, Kroger and a couple of gas stations. Not jobs that were easy by any means. All three were good to me in their time, but other offers or situations came along that I chose to leave for one reason or another.

I have been part of direct sales for over 20 years. 13 years with PartyLite and 7 years with Avon before that.

Today I have absolutely no energy to do very much at all. So far today, I have gotten out of bed, coughed my head off, put oils in my diffuser, taken my meds and made David a sandwich for lunch. I am exhausted and hurting deep in my chest with a very hard cough today. I am afraid to leave the house because I never know when the next 'spell' will hit me.

I have to face facts that I have COPD and need a treatment plan. David is urging/encouraging me to go to the doctor and take care of myself because we both know that managing COPD won't happen without medical attention. I am scared and I hate being weakened by this cough and the side effects of the inhalers, using my nebulizer, and medications.

Today, I am choosing to listen to the messages my body is sending me to rest and let myself recover from this current episode/illness.