Sunday, November 13, 2016

Fear, Election results, job loss and coping

This week's election has been the talk of media outlets, social media, many workplaces and phone  calls.

Wednesday morning when I saw the results, I was very sad and fearful of the changes our newly elected president would make.

I am a white, Christian, female with two grown children and five grandchildren. I want my grandchildren to grow up free to be who they are without a bully in their faces.

I have always been honest with those I trust and have had a few conversations this week with others who felt differently than I did about the election outcome. I did not get any heated arguments over the election.

I have avoided people that were outwardly loud and proud about their support of Mr. Trump. I will not lose friends over this election.  I refuse to live in fear.

Friday afternoon, I was terminated at my job. I was shocked to say the least. I gave it my best shot, I did my best to learn, ask questions and ask for help when I needed it. However ,  45 days apparently was the limit my former GM could take and he chose to let me go rather than give me another chance.

Today, I have washed dishes, cleaned out my car, cried over what I lost, made lunch and now I sit watching the Titans game against Green Bay.

Follow me if you like, cheer me on if you choose. I will be transparent here on the blog and not hold back.

I have been hurt too much to be silent any longer.

I will do my best to support change in my community and respect the offices of our elected officials. I am not a radical feminist, but I have strong beliefs and know right from wrong.

Choose Love, not hate!!!