Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Facing Thanksgiving

Time to be brutally honest (it's okay, I can take it).

Who is dreading their family get together that they are obligated to attend this coming weekend?
Go Ahead, raise your hand, I know you want to. Nothing to hide here!

As I suspected, plenty of people are dreading that forced family fake out of a dinner.

Good News, You DON'T have to go! You can do whatever you want on Thanksgiving weekend.

This year many families will be fractured due to fear of the new leader of our country and what he/his cabinet may do to our country's freedoms. So, consider being open to inviting a friend or two extra to your table for the thanksgiving meal. You never know how much that gesture will mean to them.

 If you have read this blog from the beginning you know the reasons I despise the holiday and sometimes put on my mask to deal with the day rather than hide from the world with a pizza.

My life is good these days and I have tons to be thankful for. I am truly and sincerely thankful every day for what I have in my life today.

I have often preferred a gathering of friends for Turkey Day than the forced gathering that some people thoroughly enjoy. The best part of Thanksgiving in the past 5 years is the time spent with my grandchildren who I am blessed to have close by.

Some will get up early and go hunting, run/walk in the Give & Gobble 5K or even serve food at a shelter, mission or church.

I won't be in the crazy Black Friday lines although I will be sharing my Black Friday sales from both PartyLite and Thirty-One. I also choose to do my shopping online.

Bottom line, take care of each other and love the ones you are with. You never know when that will be the last day they are in your life.