Friday, November 25, 2016

Finding the Energy

Some will spend this Black Friday shopping and getting great deals for their home, families or other things they may need.

Others will spend the day working serving namelessly to the greedy, rude shoppers in all the malls today that don't even take the time to say thank you to the cashier or worker that gets a product for them from the 'back'.

I have nothing against shopping in general, I simply cannot stand the greed, the fighting and all the negative things that go along with heavy shopping seasons. I have done my time in retail with Sears, Home Depot, Kroger and a couple of gas stations. Not jobs that were easy by any means. All three were good to me in their time, but other offers or situations came along that I chose to leave for one reason or another.

I have been part of direct sales for over 20 years. 13 years with PartyLite and 7 years with Avon before that.

Today I have absolutely no energy to do very much at all. So far today, I have gotten out of bed, coughed my head off, put oils in my diffuser, taken my meds and made David a sandwich for lunch. I am exhausted and hurting deep in my chest with a very hard cough today. I am afraid to leave the house because I never know when the next 'spell' will hit me.

I have to face facts that I have COPD and need a treatment plan. David is urging/encouraging me to go to the doctor and take care of myself because we both know that managing COPD won't happen without medical attention. I am scared and I hate being weakened by this cough and the side effects of the inhalers, using my nebulizer, and medications.

Today, I am choosing to listen to the messages my body is sending me to rest and let myself recover from this current episode/illness.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Many of us were taught from infancy to always tell the truth and sometimes had to be taught how to tell the truth in love so we didn't hurt people's feelings.

I do my best to be honest with everything I say and do. When invited somewhere, I try to make my decision at that time and not be a last minute person. However, life happens and plans do change sometimes. That is not being dishonest, that is just life.

Sometimes we must make decisions for our sanity and well-being that others may question and completely not understand or take the wrong way.

I get invited places, and usually mark maybe until we get closer to the time of the event. I never know what that week will bring because of my COPD and/or family work schedules. I try to be thoughtful of others feelings as much as possible, but sometimes all I can do is bail at the last moment and stay home to take care of me.

It could be the drive, it could be the weather, it could be a thousand other things, but It is usually not personal or meant to upset anyone. It is simply the cards we are dealt and we have to handle the deck the best way we can.

I am tired of apologizing for who I am and the decisions I make. Don't attack me, ask questions if you truly have a reason, but if it doesn't effect you either way, please just leave it alone.

Like the saying goes - Not my Circus, Not my monkeys.. people that means just let it go.

Some people only 'love and appreciate you' when you are doing what they want/expect you to do. That is not love people, that is manipulation and control. Two things I lived with in my abusive marriages.

I will not put up with that or condone that no matter what.  So I avoid those people to stay out of those situations.  If someone verbally attacks you with snide remarks because of who you are with, find out their root cause if you wish, but usually it is best to walk away and distance yourself from them.

During this past year leading up to the recent election, many people were very nasty to each other and many friendships were severed because of hate-filled comments about the other candidates. I have heard horror stories of people in some cities and communities that are being maligned and mistreated because of their religious beliefs or way of life. That is not right to hurt another person. And you certainly won't get them to see your way of thinking by beating them up. You are only fostering hate.

My friend Faith said it best years ago, when she suggested that we try to speak truth in love. But sometimes even then you cannot have a civil conversation when someone is choosing to be adversarial and keeps an argument going on and on.

This year I have lost 2-3 friends out of the blue and I honestly am still not sure what triggered it.  I miss them from time to time when I think of years past and all the conversations we had. I try to wish them well, say a prayer for them/their family and move on. By lost I mean they up and quit talking to me for apparently no reason that I could see.

I wish you peace and joy this Thanksgiving week no matter what you choose to you or spend the weekend with. Be at peace in your decisions and let no one make them for you.

If you are in danger, please ask for assistance!!

The number for the domestic violence hotline is 1-800-799-7233 and please keep it with you so you can share it if you see someone in possible danger.  This is the beginning of the holiday season and abuse usually rises this time of year as does suicide. Please be aware and take care of those you hold dear.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Facing Thanksgiving

Time to be brutally honest (it's okay, I can take it).

Who is dreading their family get together that they are obligated to attend this coming weekend?
Go Ahead, raise your hand, I know you want to. Nothing to hide here!

As I suspected, plenty of people are dreading that forced family fake out of a dinner.

Good News, You DON'T have to go! You can do whatever you want on Thanksgiving weekend.

This year many families will be fractured due to fear of the new leader of our country and what he/his cabinet may do to our country's freedoms. So, consider being open to inviting a friend or two extra to your table for the thanksgiving meal. You never know how much that gesture will mean to them.

 If you have read this blog from the beginning you know the reasons I despise the holiday and sometimes put on my mask to deal with the day rather than hide from the world with a pizza.

My life is good these days and I have tons to be thankful for. I am truly and sincerely thankful every day for what I have in my life today.

I have often preferred a gathering of friends for Turkey Day than the forced gathering that some people thoroughly enjoy. The best part of Thanksgiving in the past 5 years is the time spent with my grandchildren who I am blessed to have close by.

Some will get up early and go hunting, run/walk in the Give & Gobble 5K or even serve food at a shelter, mission or church.

I won't be in the crazy Black Friday lines although I will be sharing my Black Friday sales from both PartyLite and Thirty-One. I also choose to do my shopping online.

Bottom line, take care of each other and love the ones you are with. You never know when that will be the last day they are in your life.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Getting Back Up Again

Last Friday, I cried, I fussed and I was very upset and stressed out over losing my job. I knew a corporate restructure was a dangerous place to be for a new employee. I was in a daze for a few days and even sequestered myself to the house refusing to leave and had a pity party of sorts.

We went to a show at TPAC this week and had some laughs and a good meal at our favorite Sushi place in Nashville.

I did some cooking, baked some banana bread and did some research on natural health remedies for my COPD.  I finally got around to ordering a diffuser for my essential oils and a couple of Christmas gifts, too.

Today, I applied for other jobs in Dickson and I will continue to daily stay as positive as possible. This is not easy for me.

Life is never easy, but for me it is especially hard to be this way. I won't want to be a burden to anyone. Nothing in this life is guaranteed, not a relationship, not good health, not even a good day at the office or at home. All you can do at the end of the day is know that you have been kind and done your best.

A friend sent me the link to the Bible App today and I put it on my phone and I am going to get back into studying daily (I never should have stopped doing this!!). Thank you Shirley!!

I also finally listened to my dear David and got out of the house, went to the park and walked around and took a few pictures to clear my head.

Keep loving each other, keep being kind and above all else, take care of yourself.
1-800-799-7233 is the Hotline for Domestic Violence.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Fear, Election results, job loss and coping

This week's election has been the talk of media outlets, social media, many workplaces and phone  calls.

Wednesday morning when I saw the results, I was very sad and fearful of the changes our newly elected president would make.

I am a white, Christian, female with two grown children and five grandchildren. I want my grandchildren to grow up free to be who they are without a bully in their faces.

I have always been honest with those I trust and have had a few conversations this week with others who felt differently than I did about the election outcome. I did not get any heated arguments over the election.

I have avoided people that were outwardly loud and proud about their support of Mr. Trump. I will not lose friends over this election.  I refuse to live in fear.

Friday afternoon, I was terminated at my job. I was shocked to say the least. I gave it my best shot, I did my best to learn, ask questions and ask for help when I needed it. However ,  45 days apparently was the limit my former GM could take and he chose to let me go rather than give me another chance.

Today, I have washed dishes, cleaned out my car, cried over what I lost, made lunch and now I sit watching the Titans game against Green Bay.

Follow me if you like, cheer me on if you choose. I will be transparent here on the blog and not hold back.

I have been hurt too much to be silent any longer.

I will do my best to support change in my community and respect the offices of our elected officials. I am not a radical feminist, but I have strong beliefs and know right from wrong.

Choose Love, not hate!!!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Politics... Sigh

I used to never talk about politics or even pay attention to it very much. Then I married my 2nd husband and he was very vocal about things as was his step-dad. I constantly heard how they didn't like or care for certain things. But let me tell you, once Mr. Obama was on the scene and running for office, it seemed everyone I knew (and some I barely knew) all of a sudden were political analysts or just knew how things would work out if Mr. Obama became president.

You see, 8 years this month I was unemployed, drawing unemployment and praying whoever was elected would not take that $250 a week away from me/my household.

I was not completely against Mr. Obama being president and I did want things to change but I was fearful of the unknown. I voted against Mr. Obama both elections and now I am not so sure why I did that.

Tomorrow is election day here in the USA and many have already early voted and told the world (via facebook, twitter, and other social media outlets) which way they voted. Many people have gotten very ugly on social media with their views and this year has been the nastiest election I have seen that I can recall.

I am a survivor of domestic violence, abuse and bullying. I have 5 grandchildren that know me as Mimi and I want a better world for them to grow up in.

I will not vote for a person who is a bully, who puts others down, doesn't respect other races or incites/encourages murdering those that disagree. I simply cannot do that because it goes against everything I believe in.

Many people do not have the right to vote, so please go vote your conscience tomorrow, but please don't be ugly to others. Putting others down and being nasty will not get them to see your side of the issue.

If you are in danger or know someone who is, please give them the Hotline number 1-800-799-7233. You could be part of saving their life and giving them hope again.