Thursday, September 15, 2016


Last week was a bit crazy, I had Monday-Wednesday off (doctor's orders) and then for 4 days straight I worked in floral at the grocery store. I did 2 days of training with the ladies that normally run that part of the store and had so much fun! Yes there is lifting, pricing, and things to get done daily but it is also creative and not as mindless as produce and nutrition seem to be.

I even came up with ideas to incorporate my candles with floral arrangements for baskets I can give out or award in the future. My creative side has come back to life it seems with this portion of my job.

This week I have 40 hours scheduled and I will be all over our department from produce, nutrition and floral and that will break up the monotony of the days.

This morning I finished off the 2nd round of antibiotics and my spider bite is much smaller and drying up considerably. I promise not to post pictures here but we have taken a few along the way to map the progression of the 'injury' for ourselves and to show the doctors the difference too.

There are always going to be people that stir up trouble, try to pull you into drama or put you down in every job you have. These things are not only in office jobs, they are alive and well in retail/grocery as well. So, I put on my blinders and stick the tasks I was given and ignore the rest of them to get my jobs done on time.

I found out that next week I start training in the front of the store with a courtesy clerk so that will allow me more places to work and more hours per week (if I want them). I never expected to have a 40 hour week with a part time grocery store job, but I will not complain. I know I don't have to work, but I am working to keep myself sane and pay part of the bills.

Every day on the news I hear about the awful Nashville traffic, construction and wrecks. And every night I am so thankful I took the leap to leave my Nashville job and work here in town.

Now that I am on the mend and not on so many medications, I actually feel like I can do the lifting at work. My supervisor assured me I would get used to it and I wasn't near as slow as I thought I was.

I would also like to ask you to pray for Miss Dawn Logan. She is just over 2 years old and on October 4th will have her 3rd open heart surgery to repair a heart valve. She is the daughter of my sorority sister Faithe Logan and I know they would appreciate any prayers you can send on their behalf. 

Here is a photo of our little heart warrior and one reason I hold so many fundraisers !