Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Struggle to stay positive

Yes, many of us struggle every day to keep that positive mask on our faces. I have struggled with that for years. My friend Judy said to me last year that it is ok to be discouraged or have a bad day, just don't unpack and move there. That always makes me smile because I know she is 100% genuine and has been through good times and bad. When a person is real, you know you can trust what they say is sincere and not some trite comment they thought would make you feel better.

My family is rejoicing since yesterday morning when we received the news that my dad has been declared cancer free! He was diagnosed with colon cancer and lung cancer last fall, had two surgeries and 6 months of preventative chemo. Here we are 11 months later and through lots of prayer and faith we have seen dad come out cancer free on the other side. The relief that showered over us yesterday was huge.

I have had interviews, online assessments and put out feelers for jobs available locally. Today I am going to a hiring fair to do on the spot interviews.

I have doubts daily and I have to put them aside, find something to do and fight them off. I refuse to cave into depression this time around.

Even when you receive good news, finish your to-do list, or get a $200.00 order you still may struggle to see the light at the end of your tunnel.

Please reach out to a friend, help them and you will forget your troubles for a time and put your energy into listening, helping and holding up a friend. And your friendship will get deeper and stronger too!

I want everyone to finish this race we call life.  Not just a couple of us. All of us can finish, we just take different paths.

If you are in danger, please ask for assistance and get out! Don't wait another day, this is not something to put off or procrastinate. Call the hotline at 1-800-799-7233 and get some help today. Call your local shelters and offer to donate items, hold a fundraiser or volunteer your time.