Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Opportunity or Obstacle?

I see and hear of my friends near and far going through loss of loved ones, loss of jobs, accepting new job offers and moving into new homes.

The one constant is that life goes on. Even in our sadness and grief, the clock keeps ticking.

Back in July, my husband and I made a decision and I quit my job with the state in order to find a job locally so that I wouldn't be commuting 2-2.5 hours each weekday to a job I had come to despise.

20 years with state government was a milestone I reached back in February and at first I was proud of that milestone. Then after much thought and reflection, I came to regret the years I spent sitting in jobs I hated and being unhappy.

Here I was making changes in my personal life, and at home and my work life was depressing and increasingly stressful. When you come home every night angry and upset at situations/supervisors that refuse to change or play favorites, it is time to get out and get on with your life. No one should stay unhappy.

So for about 6 weeks I was completely unemployed. David earns enough for me not to have to work, but I was determined to find a job here in Dickson that brought in some money, challenged me and taught me new things or a new industry.

In the past 5 years I have held 2 different jobs in retail and for various reasons left them. I was still intrigued and curious about working retail. Even on my worst days in the accounting office, when I was reduced to tears, I would tell my work buddy that I should just walk out and go back to home depot where at least I wasn't stressed out everyday. Most of my co -workers didn't understand, but Tiffany did.

As of this past Saturday, I am now a Kroger employee and I am excited to learn new things, bought my khaki pants and non-skid shoes and I am ready to learn.

I got a bit anxious on Sunday when I saw a former close friend in the aisles and she never visually indicated she saw or even noticed me, but I saw her and her husband. We used to be very close but life and situations took us in different directions.

I had to check my thoughts and remind myself that I have nothing to be ashamed of. Some people look down on those employed in restaurants, gas stations, discount stores or grocery stores and they shouldn't do that at all.

If you work hard and want to move up in any company, you just have to apply yourself and learn all you can. You are not your job title or even your address, you are who you are on the inside and that is ALL that matters.

My husband and I work hard to take care of each other, be there for family near and far and do our best to be kind and love others in our lives. We are committed to each other and will not allow others to put us down or our choices down.

What do you have ahead of you this week? Opportunities or Obstacles?

I hope everyone has a blessed week!
Scripture says "Rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep".

If you are in danger, please get you and your family to a safe place or call the hotline for assistance - 1-800-799-7233