Monday, August 29, 2016

Of Spiders and Salads

I started training last week in the produce department at a local grocery store. So I am learning all about the different types and varieties of lettuce, apples and even peaches.

I have to do lifting of boxes 20-40 pounds each at times to load the carts in the back and stock the shelves out front. This is the most physically demanding job I have had in a very long time. I like the crew I work with and for the most part they all seem to get along.

Last Wednesday while getting ready to go run errands, I felt a sting or pinch on my leg and shook it off, never thought any more about it until I got home that night and realized a bug or spider had bitten me. It didn't hurt much at first, but by Friday, my leg was red, the bite mark became dark purple/black and it was more and more difficult to put much pressure on that leg.

I went to the Emergency Room after work on Friday and they concurred that it was most likely a brown recluse bite because of the redness and symptoms I was having.  I ended up with blood work done, iv's going and antibiotics flooding my system, they gave me something for the pain right before they discharged me and made sure I had someone to drive me home.

David was by my side for most of those events and I set alarms on my phone to wake me up to take all my meds all weekend long. I am still in pain but not near as much. I don't know how this will end up but I am betting I end up back the doctor's or the hospital before this spider ordeal is done.

Moral of my story? Shake out your clothes before you put them on (every time!)

Take care of those closest to you. When they text you, don't ignore them! You never know if you are the last person they will call before giving up or not.  The domestic violence hotline is 1-800-799-7233. Please save this number in your phone and give it to your friends. It links you to a national network to help you get the services you may need some time in the future.