Thursday, August 25, 2016

Adventures in a small town

After I posted my blog the other day, I got a few questions. They ranged from asking me if I was on dope for leaving my government job to when did I get married.

I laughed at both questions. No David and I are not married, but we are committed to each other, love each other, support each other, pay bills together and have a good life right now together. I use the words husband, hubby, partner, boyfriend all interchangeably because we are committed to making a life together.  I just wish people could just live and let live and not be nosy in our business. For now, this works for us and honestly, this is none of no one's business but our own because no one pays our bills but us.

And to the question about me being a dope for leaving state government.... well, you weren't doing the driving I was doing and absolutely miserable in an office with very little supervisory support.  My supervisor is a great person, but when you play favorites for 14 years to an employee that has a horrible attendance record, people wonder what exactly she is holding over your head.  I was sick of that, the crazy workload and the verbal abuse from other department chiefs that was never addressed. Being told to ignore the behavior is not dealing with it and allowing the 50 year old (spoiled brat) manager of TWRA law enforcement be ugly to the clerks, make them feel like dirt and treat them horribly, is just not what anyone should want to deal with on a regular basis.  I know now, I should have reported this person and left a paper trail so that others had a hope of getting their voice heard.

I worked 8 hours today in Produce at the local Kroger's here in Dickson. My feet, legs, back, neck hurt and are screaming as I wait on the muscle relaxers to kick in. I have not had this physical of a job in many years. I have learned all kinds of things about stocking, inventory, damaged food, disposal, and store policies. I am slowly getting to know my co workers and who I can and cannot talk to. Soon I will be trained in Floral and Nutrition too. I love to learn, but right now, I am a bit overwhelmed.

I came home to a package from PartyLite!  I received my Artisan Owl and Creepy Cauldron Jar Candle holders!  Time to decorate a bit for fall. So glad that my dear David doesn't mind all the candles in the house.

I hope this Thursday has been a blessing to you in some way. Always make the effort to find the good in your day and it will help you cope with the rough issues or hard times at home/work.

Hugs and love to all my readers and hope if this blessed you, that you will share this blog with your friends. Remember, I have a Facebook page for the blog too, so you can comment there or share that information as well.

If you need the hotline, the number is -1-800-799-7233