Sunday, July 24, 2016

Schedules and Calendars

Do you keep a calendar or planner? (If you just put your work schedule and dr appointments in your calendar app on your smartphone, then you DO keep a calendar.)

Many of us are ruled by our schedules. Between work, school, homework, scouts, gymnastics and football, we all stay very busy with whatever may be on our plates.

When your normal schedule of the past few years suddenly stops and you have much more time at home, this can be overwhelming and sometimes distressing/depressing to someone that is used to being on the go even if you hated where you had to go day after day.

I have to stay on some type of schedule or I go a bit stir-crazy. Don't laugh, after a few days, most people go through this too.

I could get lazy and sit around the house and only do the bare minimum or I can get out of the house and take a walk, get the grocery shopping done or go visit a friend.

The one thing I have realized (again!) is that I was ruled by my schedule and that was not the way I want to live my life.

There is a time and place for calendars, watches and schedules, but I refuse to constantly look at them and focus on them. I have 2 appointments for this coming Tuesday and one the following week on Wednesday as of right now. I do not want every waking moment to be focused on earning income, I want to enjoy life as it comes and take in every moment for exactly what it is.

Enjoy the days ahead and make the most of them.
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