Thursday, June 9, 2016


Everyone is going to have disagreements in nearly every part of their lives.

You disagree with your children, spouse, fiance, parents, siblings, co-workers, supervisor and even your best and longest friends.

The disagreements are over many varied subjects too. Some that come to mind are money, finances, house chores, schoolwork, video game time, workload, movies, politics and religion/spiritual topics.

When you have a direct issue with someone, it is best if you confront that person and deal with it as fast as possible. What was an issue to you, could not even be a thing to them. Clearing the air and knowing where the other person is coming from will help you now and in the future.

Some folks are transparent about their beliefs and love to share them boldly and from the rooftops and there is no doubt what their opinion is. 

The ones with class will tell you their opinion of your life and/or choices, so you know how they feel and not shove their opinion down your throat every time you interact with them.

Some will walk away from you if your belief system is not the same as theirs.

Some people will try to change you to see their side.

But the ones that mean the most to you, are the ones who are there for you, give opinion when it is asked for and love you through it all unconditionally.

Some people are petrified of confrontation because they have a history of being punished for their opinion. Punishments include silent treatment, taking away their car keys, refusing to allow them to go out of the house, withholding affection or even access to the family checking account. Be gentle with these type of people, it will take them a lot longer to trust or ask for anything because of the fear in their past and nightmares.

It is best to be kind to all, speak your opinion with love and choose your battles. Don't make generalized statements to people when you don't know their complete background. If you do this, you might lose a great friend who takes something the wrong way.

Be there for people and always have a heart to listen. If you are in danger, seek help by calling the domestic violence hotline 1-800-799-7233.