Monday, June 27, 2016

Daily Grind

Some days are full of events and activities and fun things to do, some days are full of obligations, work, traffic and all those things we do to make a living.

Our offices are under construction at TWRA and we have had a few days off of work because of water, and power being out a few times this summer. Yes, we are constantly behind and stressed out by vendors and co-workers, but we go in there every day and take the verbal abuse just to get the paycheck all with a smile on our face.

Right now, today, I hate my job, I hate the stress and I hate my commute.

I am currently looking for a new job closer to home. I enjoy the people I work with. In fact, one of the girls in the office has quickly become a very close friend that I will miss horribly once I find a job in Dickson County.

Again and again, I realize that even the daily grind can be a beautiful thing when you know you are not going through it alone.

I know every morning and every night, I can only do what God enables me to do. Folks, I am nobody special. I am privileged to have survived my past and know without a doubt that God has a plan for me.

Sometimes, you lose faith in those you have put upon a pedestal. I have recently stopped reading and supporting a few authors and bloggers. 4 years ago, I read their books like they were gospel.  But recently, I have watched them fall off their pedestals in my eyes.

Please know that you are not alone in the circumstances you are going through. There is always someone who has been through it before.

Seek out those that share your beliefs and communicate honestly with them.
Keep going forward and don't give up!!

You can get assistance if you only ask.. 1-800-799-7233