Tuesday, June 21, 2016


I deal with anger on a regular basis.

I got angry when I heard about the Gorilla getting killed because a small child got into the enclosure at the Zoo.

I got sad/angry when I heard about a young life killed at an Orlando night spot.

I got sad/angry when I woke up 2 Sundays ago to hear about 49 people getting shot in Orlando. This one is still angering me and I do hurt for all the families that lost brothers, sisters, daughters, sons, uncles and aunts in that massacre.

My heart hurt for the mom who lost her two year old at Disney.

None of these things can be fixed by any human on earth. Laws will not keep criminals from killing people. Hate will always be in the world and some people choose to be and stay evil-minded. That is just the way life is.  All we can control is how We treat others.

No matter what your religious affiliation, people losing their lives should never be blindly accepted.

Take care of those you love and forgive those that hurt you. The forgiveness will help you heal and move forward. Forgiveness is not for the person you are forgiving, it is so YOU can move on. 

Forgiveness is not easy and sometimes you have do work on it daily to forgive someone for the big things.

You can get angry but don't take action while in that state of mind.

I do my best to love people around me at work, home, in traffic and at the store. I mess up horribly sometimes and lash out.  That is when I have to check myself and correct myself.

If you are in danger, seek assistance from the local shelter.. or call the hotline to find one near you!
Hotline 1-800-799-7233.