Wednesday, May 11, 2016


We all have storage places. They may be on our property, in our minds or a paid storage unit for stuff that won't fit in our homes at this time.

One goal I have is to clean out my storage unit so I can eliminate that bill from my budget after this year.

So far, I have taken stuff to my new place, and we either merged it into the house supplies/decor or ended up giving it away.

I have very bad luck with holding yard sales and at this point, just want to give it all away. There are some items in that unit I want to keep but when I look at it all, I get overwhelmed with memories attached to somethings and then there are plenty of items there that are trash, too.

Isn't this kinda how our brains operate too?

We have things in our past that hurt us and instead of letting them go or forgiving the person, we stored that pain away on a shelf and let it fester, get dirty, make us angry and we take it out every now and then and rip open the scab and it hurts all over again.

Make a pact with yourself for good to get rid of the stuff in your mind (memories, tape recordings of painful verbal abuse, etc.) and get past it so you can have a clear thought and actually travel lighter.

When I can't get over pain in my mind from memories or hurtful things, I have to take it to God in prayer and he helps me let it go, or deal with it. Prayer will help us all.

Let's all empty our storage units and move forward!

Remember if you are holding on to your past, you cannot grab (or receive) the glorious future we have been promised!

If you are in danger, ask for help - The Hotline is 1-800-799-7233