Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Leaving Home

As many people graduate high school and college and make plans to move forward with their lives, many of them are moving to new places for jobs waiting for them.

Leaving home is hard to do. I did not want to go to MTSU or leave Mt. Juliet when my senior year was coming to an end. I actually wanted to go far away to another college further than an hour's drive from home. I eventually relented and attended MTSU that first year as a raw freshman and lived on campus.

I yearned to move away and be on my own, not having a clue how hard that would be or what my early 20's had in store for me.

I would live on Ft. Clayton in the Republic of Panama for a couple of years and have my son while living in a foreign country in 1991. I would end up returning to TN end of 1991 with 2 small children and a divorce in my future.

In the 25 years since I returned from Panama to Tennessee, Middle Tennessee has been like part of a rubber band constantly pulling me back to the area I grew up in. Even for the 9 months I lived in Georgia, I kept calling Tennessee home. It just never felt like home there even though I made great friends while living there, I knew I was not destined to stay there.

Whether you are leaving home, changing jobs or making other life changes, it is all difficult. I have often heard the first step is the hardest and that is pretty true. But it also takes quite a huge dose of determination to stay on track to complete the changes you have started.

Setting goals on a goal chart is easy, Sticking to them when life gets in the way, the car breaks down, the AC goes out or someone has a health scare, is one of the toughest things to do.

6 years ago today my son graduated high school in Spanish Fork, Utah. He is currently in Utah and will most likely stay there for a few more years. I miss him terribly and make sure he knows he can call anytime and I will listen always.

Even if you are leaving home, you don't have to leave your hopes and dreams. Often they will change and grow with you as you experience life.

Take care and be sure to stay in contact with those 'back home' as much as possible. Don't forget your roots, but don't be afraid to fly your own path either.