Thursday, May 12, 2016

A Cake and Time

My daughter Kourtney is an accomplished cake decorator. She baked and decorated her first cake for sale to a friend for a birthday when she was 15 or 16 years old. Best I can recall it was a beach scene on a 1/4 sheet cake.

Since then she has take Culinary Courses at Pellissippi State, worked for several grocery store bakeries to include Sam's Club, Food City and Publix. She has made nearly every birthday cake in our family for the past 5 years, made several wedding cakes and lots of cupcakes and this past year added cookies to her baked goods offerings.

She and I used to watch the Cake Challenges on Food Network and she has many bakers and cake decorators that she considers her inspirations. She has gotten very good at making figures out of fondant and just blows me away with her talent.

A few years ago, she was contacted by her father's current wife on facebook and her father has a facebook page as well.  Over the years, when she posts photos of her children, he would comment and they would talk back and forth.

Last week, I saw a message to my daughter from her father and it brought me to tears.  I was so happy for my daughter. She had made a Darth Vader cake and Storm Trooper cupcakes for a client and posted the pictures on facebook. Her father was a huge fan of the original Star Wars movies and he made some very favorable comments on her cake and fondant work.

I know there were years where there was not even a phone call between Kourtney and her father.
I do want my daughter to know that I am beyond happy for her having a talking relationship with her father and if my memory serves, she is also friends or at least in contact with her half-siblings out in Arizona.

Here is the cake and please know that if you are strong enough to be as forgiving as my daughter is, all things will heal in time.
And if you need a cake or dessert for an upcoming celebration and live in the Nashville/Dickson area, please search on facebook for Kourtney's Kakes and ask her to contact you.