Thursday, April 21, 2016


Water washes away the dirt and debris from our bodies, our cars and even the pollen that gives us all so many sniffles in the spring. There are even sound machines you can buy that have recorded sounds of the ocean or a babbling brook to go to sleep by.

As a child, I loved getting to go play in the creek and getting my feet wet.

When I was 8, I fell off a raft and nearly drowned and it scared me for a very long time. I still til this day do not know how to swim and get a bit fearful around water that is very deep.

Both my children are like their father and might as well be fish when it comes to water because they both took to swimming very easy and for that I am so thankful!

Kourtney was even able to go to a full week of Aquanauts camp at Camp Sycamore Hills (GS-Middle TN) when she was in school and swim several times a day.

Then I go and fall for a man who loves to fish and hunt and do all things outdoors.  And for the most part, I match him effort for effort. We went to the creek a couple of times last summer/fall and are leaving for Florida in a few days.

I am So Excited to be going to Florida and there really isn't much of an agenda for us. We are taking fishing gear and whatever we catch, we will have for dinner that night.  We are looking forward to a trip to truly relax and just be together for a few days away from work.

We might do some sight seeing, probably will walk on the beach and just praying we don't get sunburned on this trip.

So please take some time to just go sit by the water and enjoy nature. Just sit there without your cell phones, without your laptop and talk to the people you are with. That is true social networking. :)

Remember to keep 1-800-799-7233 on hand in case you or a friend need help.