Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Til Death do us part...

Back in February my grandmother passed away. She was 94 years old and had said she was ready to go. My grandfather passed in 1994, so she had been a widow for 22 years.

Last week my son-in-law's grandmother passed away. She had been in and out of the hospital and local nursing home for the past year with many illnesses including pneumonia and for rehab at different times. She was 75 and today she was laid to rest. I spoke briefly with her husband today and the first thing he said was she is in a better place and we have the hope of heaven to see her again some day.  They had been married 52 years.

During the service at the Veteran's Cemetery Chapel, I sat with my daughter and held my 6 month old grandson Xander.

My prayers are with the Greene Family as they go forward and face the future without their mother, sister, and memaw.
Despite the hand I have been dealt in my life, I still believe marriage should be a lifelong commitment. It just takes lots of prayer, 2 people who are committed and lots of work to make it happen.

Keep those you love close to you and be sure they know how you feel.