Monday, April 4, 2016


We all have responsibilities.

They range from raising our children, our work, cleaning chores at home, cooking meals and dealing with co-workers and other relationships. We all have bills that must be paid or there are consequences.

We all have choices to make about our daily lives and routines.

Sometimes, you are better off stepping back at looking at something from a business perspective and then you will see what is really going on.

If you go a long time without paying your cable bill, the company cuts you off until you catch up the payments and this can also affect your credit rating.

If you don't pay your rent, you won't have a place to live very long.

If you lie to a friend often enough, the relationship gets damaged and is not as strong as it used to be.

Face it - Life is hard for all of us. We all have problems and issues we deal with monthly and sometimes daily.

A close friend of mine gave me a great suggestion for when one thing is filling your mind and you can't get past it.  He suggested boxing up the problem in your mind and putting it on a shelf. So I did. It took a bit of mental practice, but I was able to shelve the situation so I could get up and go to work and function like I was supposed to. This didn't mean I didn't care about the situation, I was just getting through the day until I had time to think on the problem when I got home.

If I had allowed that situation to consume me, I would have been practically mentally paralyzed for a few months until that situation was resolved. This way I was able to function and get through the days and weeks during that time in my life.

Some days, I still have to go to the mirror and tell myself it is all going to work out and that I can do what I have to do. I also tell myself that crawling under the blanket and hiding doesn't get anything accomplished.

So, take a deep breath, shelve what needs putting away for the time being, and tackle your day, your laundry or your to-do list.

If you are in danger, please call 1-800-799-7233 and get assistance.