Friday, April 15, 2016

Loss and Letting Go

Today I caught myself contemplating and thinking about people that used to be in my daily life.

I may have seen them every day, talked to them every day or emailed them everyday, but I heard from them constantly.

Some people moved away, took other jobs and for whatever reason, we just don't talk anymore.

Some folks I had disagreements with and the relationship fell apart over time.

Some people took different paths than I did and for many, many reasons we just don't travel the same path any longer.

I trust that God has a plan for me that may or may not include these ladies I am referring to and honestly, some of them I don't even know how to get in contact with anymore.

When they cross my mind, I hope they are okay and sometimes I even catch myself wondering how their adult children are. I won't chase them down, because I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason.

I do pray for them and their families hoping they are okay and even if we had a disagreement years ago or just last month, I would be civil with them should they contact me.

After the lives I have lived, I rarely chase people to be /stay in my life any longer. It's just not worth my time, effort and worry. I have enough on my plate to take care of than to worry about those that left in the middle of the journey.

And if some of these people happen to come across this blog, I truly hope you and your family are doing well and you are happy.

My prayer is that everyone has peace at night when they rest their head so they can restore themselves to face another day, another battle and perhaps another treatment.