Friday, April 8, 2016

Life and growth

When we are very small, we boast about our age and even adding fractions to the year to make us appear bigger. (2 1/2, 4 1/2, etc.)

As we get older, we don't really mind if there aren't any candles on the cake because we are just happy to still be living life and enjoying our friends, family and loved ones.

Last Saturday my 4 year old grandson was a bit upset there were no candles on Nana's Cake. But the lady at the restaurant just happened to have those numeral candles so we were able to save the day and have candles on the cake for Nikolai and the other grand children to blow out for Nana.

We had a room full that day celebrating my mom's birthday. The only grandchild and great-grandchildren missing were Brian and his children Kaden, Abby and Kyson. But since they are out in Utah, it was understandable.  They are never far from our thoughts and prayers because we miss them so much.

Looking around the room that day, I saw our family and all our similarities and our differences. One niece plays soccer, one nephew is in a shooting club, another niece has just finished a week at horse camp and I love hearing about what all they do at their events.

This fall when school starts, 2 of my grandsons will start Kindergarten and one of my nephews will start middle school. Time is marching on as we all age and grow along the way.

My viewpoints and dreams for the future when I was 15 are very different from the opinions and attitudes and lifestyle I have at the age of 45. Life and experiences will change you.

Surviving and moving on is the key. 
Communication with your partner is the biggest and best thing you can do.

You have to take a deep breath and bring up the stuff that bugs you so you can hash it out and get it out of your system. You might be nervous, you might be pacing the floor and you might have to write it down to get the message across. But if you can't talk to the one you are spending your life with, there are problems.

I have lived that way in the past both when living with an abusive spouse and when living with family. There seemed to always be subjects that had to be avoided at all costs so as to avoid an argument.

I cherish each of my readers and hope my story of my life, my failures and my triumphs and even the steps toward healing have helped you in some way.

If you are in danger, please find a way out. Ask for assistance at 1-800-799-7233. Take care of yourself so you can lift up others. Be Kind to all.