Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Keep it Between the Lines

There is an old Alan Jackson song entitled "Keep it Between the Lines".

I thought of it this morning on my commute to Nashville.

If you know me, you know that I commute approximately one hour each way into work Monday - Friday for my day job. That calculates to 10-15 hours on the road during the week.

When you don't feel good or have tons on your mind .. the drive is even worse to deal with.

On my daily drive to and from Nashville each day I go through at least 2 interchanges where the lanes split and you have to get to one side or the other so that you are merging into the correct interstate for the direction you are going. It gets crazy at times when folks wait until the last minute to figure out which side they need to be on. This is when other people's actions affect and slow down the traffic for all of us.

I also realized that living your life is a lot like driving every day. If you stay in your lane, mind your business, and stay focused, you really don't have time to be looking around at other drivers and seeing what they are doing in their vehicles.

Focus on your issues, circumstances, pray for what you and your family needs and get on with your day. You will never get where you are truly going if you occupy your mind/time with what others are doing.

There is nothing wrong with asking a friend what is going on if they start acting out of character or something concerns you. But go straight to them, don't ask about them behind their back.  That causes trust issues and suspicion.

At the end of this life, all we will be accountable for is our life and what we did, how we treated others and what we taught others (if you are a teacher or preacher). There is no award for all the people you criticized, gossiped about or made fun of along the way.

Be kind and take care of others if you can.
Put this number in your phone or memo app so you have it if you need to pass it on to someone in danger - 1-800-799-7233 (domestic violence hotline).