Thursday, March 17, 2016

Begging is wrong

We see it every day and it annoys the heck out of me.

I have worked hard most of my life and just don't understand why people get on social media and ask others to make them cupcakes or dinner and bring it to them.

With the internet and google, most can ask google or siri to find them a recipe in less than 2 minutes and they can go into their own kitchen and prepare the food.

When I was sick last week, I didn't ask anyone on facebook to bring me soup or do anything for me other than to pray. My boyfriend made us soup, did the grocery shopping and we took care of each other during the days we both were sick.

One friend offered to bring soup, essential oils or anything I might have needed but I didn't want her to risk getting sick, so I declined.

Please understand that I am not referring to the legitimate Go fund Me pages for those with health issues who have astronomical bills to pay for.

 I am talking about the able bodied folks who want their money reimbursed cause they blew their paychecks on lottery tickets or they are refusing to work and want a handout. When a person posts a gofundme page asking for folks to help them pay for dance lessons... that completely turns me off and makes me wonder if they honestly think that is a need.

You can ask my children Kourtney and Brian, As a single mom for more of their lives when they would ask for something, most of the time, I would come back with the words, "Is that a need or a want?" and that forced them to use their brain and work it out or talk it out.

So check yourself before you go begging to others please.

And, if you were not invited to the office party, don't go over there at clean up time begging for a piece of cake, that is not cool either. Our cleaning lady is always asking for something or the leftovers when we have office parties and it gets more and more ridiculous every time she does it.