Friday, February 5, 2016

Work Anniversary

February 1st of this year, my employer chose to gift me with a certificate for 20 years of service and I was able to choose from a brochure a gift for recognition. I chose a black backpack that would be suitable for camping, or any kind of travel that may be in my future.

After a few days, I realized what a monumental event that was. Most people I know don't stay at a job or company for more than 5-7 years at a time.

Both of my ex-husbands like to job hop much like the military families they grew up in. They moved every 2-3 years depending on where the Navy or Air Force sent them.

I am proud to have 20 years in with state government and I enjoy what I do and truly have a teamwork environment at my current position.

But this recognition made me stop and think about what I have done with my life as well.

I do believe I learned a few life lessons at each job even though I didn't realize it at the time. There is a lot to be said for stability and security. I have been laid off, fired and suffered through re-organizations that drove me nuts at the time.  I remained standing (or got back up after having the rug pulled out from under me) through it all.

So, much like the sturdy backpack I chose for my gift, I choose those things that last the longest or can take the most abuse. I surely hope at this point in my life that all the abuse is behind me and I can love more every day I have left on this earth.

Be a blessing, a lasting blessing to those around you.

Seek those things that are long-lasting and give every situation your all.

Don't ever let it be said you didn't give a task 100% of your energy and thought.

Take care of you and be a good listener.. Someone needs to talk things over with you, just wait and see. :)

The hotline number is 1-800-799-7233. Keep it in your phone for someone you know may need it.