Friday, February 19, 2016

Unconditional Love

Until recently, I had never believed Unconditional Love truly existed on this planet.

Many, many people in my past claimed they loved me, but their actions always proved otherwise.

Some examples are:

A control freak
A cheating spouse
An abusive spouse
An abusive parent
An abusive roommate
An abusive friend
A person that puts you down or makes fun of you
A non-supportive person
A person that you are always there for, but when you need a shoulder, they couldn't care less about you and plainly tell you they don't care what you are going through.
A person that wants to know your every move but doesn't give you that same information
A person hung up on give and take (you do this for me or I refuse to do what I agreed to do for you)
A judgmental person who believes they are your judge and jury and that they are always right about you and your life
A person who is embarrassed by your medical condition(s).

There are people in my past (and I am SO thankful to God they are in my past) who made my life a hell on earth by doing these things and many more.

Many people did not grow up in a loving home environment and they did not have a person at home that supported them, no matter what they did.

Human beings who are not loved/supported at home often seek those things in other places. Possibly in drugs, drinking, gangs and even more unhealthy relationships. It took years of soul searching and Bible Study for me realize what was going on at home was not healthy and that I had to wake up, stand up for myself and draw that line in the sand.

In this month that usually highlights love, seek out those who have poured love into you and thank them for their support, listening ears, never-ending hugs and true compassion.

I pray none of you are in present danger, but if you need assistance, please call the Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799-7233.