Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Do you ever sit back and evaluate all the relationships in your life?

Have you ever really pondered why you are in certain relationships?

Why are you friends with this person and not that person?

You should never be in or stay in a relationship if you are only there because they do things for you, buy things for you or stroke your ego. That is really unhealthy when you really dig deep and think about it. You are using them or they are using you and in all reality, it may look good on the surface and all, but you are hurting yourself and that is never good either.

You should never be in or stay in a relationship in fear. But as a domestic violence survivor, I know first hand how full of fear that person can make you. You are afraid to even think about being alone because they have beat you down mentally where you don't believe you can survive without them.

I can honestly say that I am now glad that things happened where I was forced to make a huge change in my life twice because after the dust settled and I opened my very clouded eyes, I realized that YES, I could make it on my own and I would be better off in the long run away from that person and their influence over me and my thoughts/actions every day of my life.

Then there are the friendships that spring from seemingly out of nowhere.

The consultant you met at an expo years ago and stayed in contact who asks you out for coffee and you aren't exactly sure why.. and nowadays you are coffee buddies, prayer buddies and women who listen and lift each other up no matter what the two of you may be facing.

The co-worker that you got to know and you tell her everything. She still talks to you and doesn't think you have lost your mind.. no matter what idea you come up with.

The sister that you don't see enough but she always listens to you even though when you were younger, the two of you didn't get along or see eye to eye. That person is a treasure you had all along.

Evaluate those relationships, friendships and make sure yours are healthy and lift you up instead of bringing you down.

Be a friend to those who need it and if you are in danger, please call for help.
1-800-799-7233 is the hotline number.