Wednesday, February 24, 2016


I hear the word entitlement quite a lot these days. It puzzles me because I don't feel the world owes me anything. I simply don't understand those who feel for whatever reason (age, job title, income, etc.) they are owed money or status or even respect.

I will not enter into a parenting debate, but I also see this in the parent/child relationship. When you hear of a parent who can't get their small child to wear a pair of gloves or a hat, or you cannot get a child to sit still either in class, at the library reading time or in a church service, I am really confused by this. It brings up a conversation I have had with many people lately involving the case of who is the parent and who is the child and where do you draw the line.

Once they are adults, you cannot expect to control anything they do and you should not be in their business either.

While there is certainly nothing wrong with giving someone your opinion, be very careful, because they might not want to hear it. Advice only goes so far and then it becomes nagging.

I have been taught since I was very young that we must work hard for what we have and sometimes work even harder to hold on to it once obtained. Life is not easy and no one is guaranteed anything at all. 

We also should not enter in to relationships expecting the other person to keep us happy and content and provided for. That is way too much to put on another person. Yes, a partner should work with you toward common goals but to put all your happiness on another person's shoulders is very wrong as well. You have to find your own happiness and be strong in who you are before you are even remotely healthy enough to be in a great relationship that doesn't dissolve into co-dependency.

I hope everyone has a peaceful Wednesday and spends part of their day having a bit of quiet time. The overwhelming noise of life tends to get on my nerves at times and I crave the quiet to re-focus and get my mind/soul where it needs to be.

If you are in danger, please seek assistance and remember the Hotline number is 1-800-799-7233. Save it and give it to a friend!

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