Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Deliverance of a Crystal Meth Addict

Guest Blogger - Teresa Forshay

I was living in California in the 80's with a crystal meth addiction. I had a steady job with a contracting company that provided services on a navy base.
Everyone who passed by my desk knew I was using, the addiction is so self evident. Being the diligent addict I was, I was almost always carrying my drugs with me.
The first time they brought the drug dogs in I had placed my purse on a five foot tall filing cabinet, the second time I had left my purse in the car.

I remember looking at the white powder on the mirror and felt just absolutely hopeless, not knowing how I was ever going to get back to normal. Drug rehabs were not so prevelant as they are today and I had no clue where to turn for help.
You may think that God does not watch over people with addictions, but He had me all the time.
I do not know how I was even functioning at this point.
I was having hallucinations due to sleep deprivation and barely eating anything at all.

My neighbor and I had been up all night, exhausting our supply.
We went to her dealer's house. I do not know what exactly happened when she went in the house. I do not know if God gave me a vision of what was going on in that house or if He gave me a vision of what was coming next in my life.
I pretty much had an idea that just snorting that garbage just wasn't going to be enough.
What I do know that all of a sudden I felt my blood run cold and like God Himself snatched me up by the shirt collar.
She did not come out with drugs to share.

A guy I worked with had shared about narcotics anonymous, it just so happened that there was a narcotics anonymous meeting--and they were meeting right across the street from where I was living.
That night was my first night without drugs in almost 5 years.
As I lay on my bed trying to read my bible, all I could hear was traffic and the people across the fence trying to fight dogs. I bowed my head and prayed. My exact words were "God I really need to get this".
I went back to reading and after a few paragraphs I realized there was not a sound.
It was like God had sound-proofed my little trailer. There are no words to describe how I felt at that moment.

My friends tried to offer me drugs after that but I had absolutely no desire to go back there. My deliverance was complete and sealed and I just never looked back.
The wounds of the physical abusive relationship with a boyfriend were slow to heal, they are still healing today in some form or another. God truly does hear the cries of the hopeless.
If you are reading this and feel hopeless, like there is just no way out, I encourage you to pray to the One who made you. He does hear the cries of sinners. And He loves you. Really, He does.