Monday, January 11, 2016

Seek Balance

This time of year, many people are starting work on new goals, or re-committed to past goals so they can achieve them this time around.

I have chosen balance and peace this year.

I will not be pushed for someone else to reach a goal. I may love and adore that person and completely respect them, but when they push me in directions I do not want to be pushed, I will speak up and bow out of their way.

After my divorce, I dove headfirst into goals. I lost friends, I lost many things and in the midst of it all I was nudged to start telling my story here in this blog. Sharing my life-story through this blog has made me cry, made me open up and helped me to see why I survived it all. I am just a little gal from Tennessee that has been through the ringer of life who refused to give up and fails daily. I keep praying and working through my mess knowing my God loves me and is there for me every night and day.

13 years with PartyLite has taught me so much. I have learned what I will do and what I will not do. I have learned hard lessons of ethics, business and people's true character when things are not going your way.  I love the product and I will be happy to share it with you, help you earn free products or even start your own business. PartyLite is my second income stream and a way to finance the extra stuff and have a fun job outside of my commitment to my day job.

I am in a healthy, supportive relationship that has blessed me in ways I never imagined in my previous married life.

I made a simple list of 8 focus points for every day of 2016 and it goes something like this:

Love Others
Pay Bills off
Start Saving
Hug my grandchildren
Text my adult children
Share from the heart
Move Everyday

I want to be healthy and financially stable for the future months and years ahead. I see these goals as stair steps to a happy healthy and fulfilled future.

I encourage you to work toward goals but be sure to do everything in balance and not hurt yourself in the process. If you are in danger, ask for help, and save this number in your phone 1-800-799-7233. You may need it or may come across someone else who needs it. Remember to love always!