Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Peace at Home

Many folks in Tennessee and other places are dealing with cabin fever because their roads are impassable and they are stuck inside.

Our road was icy until about noon yesterday and since I personally am petrified to drive on the ice, I kept myself at home.

This got me to thinking about times in the past when I was cooped up without a way to get out in the weather. Not that we needed anything, just to get out and get fresh air.  When you have a peaceful home life, you don't seek a way to get away. You actually can enjoy just being home with your loved ones.

If all you do is fuss and argue and disagree with those at your home, I am sure you have been miserable. I have been there too.

If we make a daily effort to be kind to those we live with and keep the peace as much as possible, then things will be so much better.  I have been known to 'hide' in my room to avoid contact with those who put me down in past living situations. Thankfully I no longer have to hide from anyone I live with and I can be myself.

Do we agree on everything? No, we don't, but thankfully there is more than one television in the house and I have my laptop and a room I can retreat to, if I need some space.

I caught myself going out to look at the snowy nights and days all weekend long and all I saw was God's majesty and beauty. Yes, it was a bit of an inconvenience to not be able to go out but we had food, electricity and all the basics we truly needed.

There is beauty and peace in being able to have the place to yourself and there is a peace in having a quiet home life as well. Just a place to relax is a gift in itself.   Take a few minutes and count those blessings that you don't often see or realize.