Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Gift

Are you someone who loves to give gifts or do you have trouble receiving gifts?

Over the years, my opinions of gifts, holidays, birthdays and Christmas has changed depending on my circumstances and situation at the time.

We have the gift of life and the opportunity to help others every day. That in itself is a huge gift.

When I was younger, I was horrible about wanting to know what was under that tree or in that box and got in trouble at times for snooping around. 

Some years, I had no money for gifts and was ashamed to receive any gifts from anyone because I could not reciprocate.

These days, I enjoy giving to others and surprising people with things that I believe will fit them just right.

This Christmas week, I am very excited to be spending the Christmas holiday with new family and friends. New traditions are being formed and the basis of all of them is love and thankfulness. Nothing more and nothing less. I am pretty sure there will be lots of laughter and plenty of time spent around the kitchen table or in the kitchen with the family as well.

The gifts under the tree are secondary because we are choosing to be thankful for each other and the hope for our journey together in the years ahead.

Hug the little ones, make silly pictures and go outside and throw a snowball (if you have snow). Enjoy yourselves and make time to give to others.. your time means more than any gift you could buy at the store or online. 

Sending all of you smiles, hugs and many wishes for the Merriest Christmas this year!