Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Peace in the Little Things

As this year winds down, I am reminded of how many blessings I truly have.

I woke up this morning in a safe home.
We have heat, running water and the necessities we need.
I have a running vehicle.
I have a job that is indoors and doesn't require me to stand or lift boxes all day long.

I will have dishes to wash,
and clothes to put away once I get home tonight.
All this means that I have food to eat and clothes to wear and loved ones around me.

The best part of 2015 is that I am not afraid of someone's mood when I arrive home!

It is a very sad thing when you are afraid of someone's mood/attitude when you get home.
The moods can range from
Angry, Happy, Complaining, Depression or Fault-Finding....
so many possibilities and I am sure those reading can think of a few.

Having a safe warm home to relax is a huge blessing.

So please tonight, or whenever you read this, take inventory of the blessings you do have and I hope my short list gives you some things to get you thinking.

Even on your street or in your apartment building, there could be an abuser (statistically speaking 1 in 3 homes) and a victim.

Be kind to all you meet and offer to help !
1-800-799-7233 Domestic Violence Hotline (write this down in your planner, phone or wallet for yourself or someone you meet)