Thursday, December 3, 2015


Now that we can say that another Black Friday/Weekend has been put in the history books, we can all look at the personal greed we all have.

Yep, I tell it like I see it. (it's okay if you don't agree, we can still be friends!)

I see people with gofundme pages begging for people to give them money for dance lessons, to pay for a wedding or a trip and I see these pages being used to pay for funeral expenses and medical bills for those with terminal illnesses. My heart goes out to those truly hurting in this world. But I have a real problem with those who just have their hand out begging to be begging.

I also know families who set up a wishlist to get Christmas presents free for their family/children. Presents under a tree are not a need, they are a want. Just ask my son. He heard that phrase at least once a week growing up cause I didn't have a lot of extra money to give him every toy he asked for.

Then you have those folks that ask you to do something for them and you goof and buy/bring them the wrong brand and they spend 20 minutes fussing at you instead of thanking you for spending your time, and gas money to do a favor for them. This is one of my biggest pet peeves, the ungrateful receiver.

We are taught to be a joyful giver and thankful when receiving. I was raised to write thank you notes after birthday parties, graduations and I might not have been the most creative, but I was sincere and sent out those thank you notes just like clock work.

I ask all of us to check our hearts before our checkbooks and give to someone if we can, but please don't put yourself in a bind to donate to the angel tree just because the office guilted you with an email request.

Bottom line, we all have choices to make and it is better to be mindful of them than to blindly follow the herd.

Love you all and please take care of yourself first this Holiday Season.